A new start

By far one of my favourite projects to date. Not because it was fancy or expensive but because it changed the clients life. 

Dora was a mother, a wife and a caretaker.  She took care of everyone, but when it came time for her and I to make selections on her new place, she asked me what I wanted.  While working together with her to find out what her style was and her preferences were Dora began to shine.  It was as if for the first time in a long time, Dora was doing things because she wanted them that way, not because it was best for the family  or the budget or a business. This was her breakout.   When I had completed the project her Son called me, he had asked what I had done with his mother, he now had to book time with her as she was out golfing and enjoying cocktail hour.

The transformation that took place inside the home consisted of a full kitchen renovation, new lighting, paint and appliances.  A peninsula was added to give the grandkids a place to sit and help with dinner. 

 The bathroom tub was removed and a walk-in shower and bench were installed. The custom tile work in the walk-in shower was stunning, with high gloss 24x36 tiles mixed with a 1x1 mesh and 4x4 glass inserts.  The bathroom vanity was expanded by cutting into the entry closet space, making for a shoe closet.

Rebecca Rodgers Interior Design