I love art, I love design.  I believe Interior Design was always in the cards for me.  As a child I was always interested in painting, coloring and drawing.  I would wear my pencil crayons down to almost nothing, but I wouldn’t get rid of them.  Instead I would sit at the top of the stairs in our log home and arrange my multi sized pencil crayons in floor plans.  My marbles would be the residents of these plans and I would push my marbles through and make adjustments to the layouts as needed. This door should be over here, the bathroom is too small.  I would lock myself in my room and rearrange my bedroom furniture almost monthly, my parents would tell me they hoped the man I married would understand coming home one day finding the washing machine where the sofa used to be.

In 2005 I left my small hometown of Smithers and moved to Downtown Vancouver to attend School for Interior Design.  I really enjoyed my time in school, only solidifying my career choice.

Since graduating in 2007 from the Art Institute of Vancouver with a diploma in Interior Design, I’ve acquired a solid foundation of skillsets that will benefit my clients.  My industry experience includes working as a consultant for retail lighting and plumbing, coordinating sub-contractors, working as a cabinet maker and being a team leader for design projects.

​​Whether you need a quick update for re-sale, a new kitchen, full blown renovations or a new vacation home,  I can assist you in achieving your dream environment.  

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Rebecca Rodgers Interior Design